Mind Mechanics

Mind Mechanics.
Specializing in: dissecting brains.
My name is hypoetical MD,
and to my side is Dr. Reigns.

The office is open for those
that seek our services.
Side-effects include nausea, vomiting,
and severe case of nervousness.

Verses only given out
to those with a prescription.
Must suffer from rhyme addiction,
head nodding sickness,
and hearing loss conditions.

I’m your physician.
So take a seat and get comfortable.
This might hurt just a little,
but in a few moments, you’ll
feel quite wonderful.

I’ve got the cure.
Purest form of remedy,
readily available dosages,
heavily potent in form of vocal melodies.

Headphones and an open mind required:
Surgeon general warns of
high dependency and
neck-flexing tendencies
once dosage is acquired.

Proceed to take at your own risk.
We won’t be held responsible…
Proper daily intake can result
in brain growth
levels, exceedingly phenomenal.

Some tests have shown
extraordinary IQ and motor improvement,
so press play on your CD today
and let us mind mechanics
show and prove it.

Mind mechanics…
re-arranging brainwaves
since 2001.

Guaranteed to
crack domes,
and obliterate eardrums.

Welcome to the office,
please bring in the next patient.
What would you like today?
Brain hemorrhaging similes, or
verbal therapy for your ailments?

Are you psychologically distressed?
Unimpressed, by excess flavorless
streamlined emcees swimming
in seas of shallowness?

Here’s what the doctor ordered:
frequent visits to your mind mechanics,
cerebral conditioning with
proper listening,
to help the symptoms vanish.

Or you can take the direct approach,
bash your head against concrete,
but I must warn you,
it’s a bit more painful,
and could get a tad bit sloppy.

Drop E, who knows,
maybe you’ll be a bit more happier,
listening to these tracks
might just make you feel depressed
and a lot crappier.

Our sound isn’t for simple minds,
So proceed to stand in line…
hypoetical MD is only available
at your respective appointment time.

I’m too busy treating diseased individuals.
Addicts and fiends, hooked on
abnormally awful sounding
musical rituals.

Time is precious,
and I only work on certain days,
So let me introduce you to our
highest skilled physician and
lyricist: Dr. Reigns.

Written by hypoetical (circa 2001)
Featured on the album Mind Mechanics: Impotent Mindfuck

Copyright © hypoetical 2016. All rights reserved.