Man Behind the Mirror

Never complacent,
and a man of many wishes.
Overcome the next challenge
and dissolve obstacles past the finish.
A determined mind
to get what I want within reason,
a seasoned veteran who dreams
with thoughts of achievement.
Failure remains imaginary within these perimeters,
inhibitors prohibited,
by distancing the criminals.
Sunrise cuts through
the fog of a clouded mindset,
I doubt myself temporarily
and trudge slowly through the mind’s shaft.
Time sets…
and proves the worthiest opponent.
Draining my stamina putting me to rest
at a moment’s notice.
24 hours, never enough
for what I’d like to accomplish.
The accomplice, age:
a numerical monster haunts the harvest.
And yet my soul remains
the purest form of my existence,
integrity, passion, and persistence
pushing past the ignorance.
To those who question my abilities.
Spirituality’s instilled in me
to fight the villainy.
Hardship, strife, and criticism
only test this character.
Through actions,
I dispel the mental metaphorical predators.
And when I’m badly wounded
and beaten to a bloody pulp,
the shining rays of change
rearrange my ways and give me hope.

Written by hypoetical (circa 2009)
Featured on the album Mind Mechanics & Piloophaz: Allied Forces EP

Copyright © hypoetical 2016. All rights reserved.