Louder than Actions

My words speak louder than my actions.
I have a variety of cuss words to choose from
to maintain a sense of satisfaction.
Forget physical beatdowns,
I can make any man or woman a clown,
and turn the brightest smile into a frown,
with the simple movements of my mouth.
See, my lips move more than the physical.
A slip of the tongue can turn any
individual into a criminal.
Or the happiest moment in one’s life,
to the most miserable.
Yes. It’s quite simple like that.
Over the phone I could convince you I was black.
Look you in the eyes, tell you I owned
a mansion, had 3 kids, a dog and a cat,
and make it seem SO believable.
It’s amazing what’s achievable,
with proper grammar, a good voice, and
bullshitting skills I could make the
ugliest human alive feel beautiful.
But I use my linguistics
to quench thirsty minds
searching for a quick fix
by delivering gifts of verbal stimulation
like St. Nick on Christmas.
I’ve got a speech impediment called poetry…
The alphabet flows in me…
Pierce my veins and watch my blood drip from A to Z,
spelling out words of wisdom.
I’m an encyclopedia cumulatively published
and authored in accordance to time.
With each passing day, a new page, a new line…
My story’s conclusion finalized,
on the day I sleep, eternally
in a casket on my back-side.

Written by A.A. (circa 2001)

Copyright © hypoetical 2016. All rights reserved.