I’ve been through hell….
back, forth, and beyond. beyond.
Progressed, passed my past,
fought off demons and heathens
within the corridors of a maze
contained within my skull.
I chose isolation.
To free me from contamination
of the outside world…
Ripping and tearing through
sentimentality I took stand,
outlasted insanity and the
marathon of emotional turmoil..
But I look back and laugh.
See, I abandoned my old self,
killed him with patience.
Erased what once was a blinded
man wishfully thinking
the truth was what he saw.
But I lied to myself…
So here I am now, unbreakable.
Composing the tale of my life
through what I write…
Getting high…poetically.
I’m not a lover of life,
nor an optimist,
but I view it like a song…
Sometimes I can’t bear to listen.
Then on occasion,
it’s like euphoria.
And I ride that beat and let
it take me off on distances
unknown… hoping it doesn’t end.
Then I get sick of it,
and press stop.
Come back to it later on,
realizing what I missed…
Once again it’s like bliss.
But it’s cyclical,
on repeat mode.
So I just let it play until
it’s all out of my head…

..and wait for the next beat
and wait for the next beat…
…and wait for the next beat.

Written by A.A. (circa 2000)

Copyright © hypoetical 2016. All rights reserved.