People… Places… Time… ME.
Interconnected in a web I untangle,
a string of motivation,
that I weave to form MY composition.
My collective quilt comprised
as a spectrum of reflection.. this LIFE.
Finding my drive in the crevices
and cracks of my path’s sidewalk.
Tripping over its faults,
yet sustaining my stride
towards emancipating the essence of my childhood.
Free-flowing, worry-less, expectation-less,
obligation-less, complication-less, euphoria.
Oblivious to intricate details.
I’m seeing the world as a box I peer into.
Only visualizing that which has importance
to me.
Physically capturing images I liquify in my
hands… clenching… quenching…
my thirst for wisdom.
Replenishing my dehydrated soul, absorbing…
evaporating… precipitating my showers
onto others, drenching negative forces
in positive energy.
My imagination sets my limits.
Exuberantly exploring capabilities of self,
by the power that inspiration exhibits.

Written by A.A. (circa 2001)

Copyright © hypoetical 2016. All rights reserved.