I’m at a stand still,
progressing by man’s will.
forced by the factor of time,
though it weighs me down like an anvil.

Advil. Only barely relieves the pain,
as I sustain a steady pace walking
through an obstacle infested terrain.

I’m on a quest to answer questions,
from birth to adolescence:
the essence of education
only formulated disconnections.

So I guess it’s….
just me, myself, and I:
a triangular formation aimed towards
the direction of the sky.

The only limit is the galaxy,
my drive is infinite.
There are no guarantees,
just planes of open space to implement.

I’m an infant born amidst
the current affairs of mass destruction,
mass hysteria, social class malaria,
and psycho logic-dysfunction.

My goal in life:
to maintain sanity.
Through the commotion of emotions,
my devotion to living molds the man in me.

Music is my only refuge from reality…
These tears, years and fears,
engineered as a melody.

Things are constantly changing…
I’m re-arranging my fear of aging
from a negative equation,
to a positive denomination.

Factoring wisdom over time,
as an equivalent to maturity.
Subtract the past of ignorant acts
to surpass insecurities.

I get caught and distraught
in twisted dramas and soap operas,
Irrational to the consequences
giving love has to offer.

I take life as it comes, numb to the drum
that beats from my footsteps…
Dumb to the outcome I succumb to,
which reads from my book’s text.

I author my biography in each verse,
prose, or poem.
Plotting a direction, through the
reflection of my soul.

As the story unfolds…
The mold begins to crumble.
What was once a steady stride becomes
a slip, slide, or a stumble.

Expectations transform into
a flurry of complications.
The stress of higher education
becomes a true test of patience…

and a painful realization to the
creators of my birth..
that my time spent on earth
is merely a discovery of self-worth.

Written by hypoetical (circa 2000)
Featured on the album Mind Mechanics: Impotent Mindfuck

Copyright © hypoetical 2016. All rights reserved.