5 Minutes to Midnight

Should he stay or should he go?
Wandering minds want to know.
Live within this moment
or flow into the unknown.

Foggy visions of the horizon
or clear views at the sun’s risin’?
Dilemma infects his thoughts
with suspense and life surprises.

He tries to fight it
but the battle rages on.
A heavyweight named pending-fate
tips the scale he’s on.

He risks life and limb
for fear, uncertainty, and hope.
He lives life to win,
for cheers, in eternity of goals.

Building skyscrapers
without sweat or lifting fingers,
imaginary acres
in blueprint and on paper.

Materialization: the afterthought
of this man’s struggle.
Pop goes the bubble
when ideals crumble to rubble.

His empire built
on false security and trust,
like the stock market bust
his investments burn to dust.

Day dreaming reality
as life passes him by…
Numerous inactions
with a minute past midnight.

The life of the lavish
draws upon his attention,
picture painted perfect
personalities complex him.

He promises the world
for admiration and clout,
falling short of expectation
into misery and doubt.

His stubbornness keeps
him driven to prove his position-
bad decisions leave him limpin’,
staggerin’ to the beginning.

The circle makes its round
and he’s back to square one,
pinpoints his protractor
towards the glare of the sun.

Light is his guidance
but it blinds his rationality,
animal instincts provide pride
balancing lack of gravity.

Anticipating moves of his prey
to kill or be killed,
abundance of oversight to threats
of the qualified and skilled.

Always hoping-praying-waiting
that things go his way…
Dismissing the present day
to wisk away in his dismay.

With all eggs in a basket,
he slaves toward his casket,
amazed that the last tick
of midnight strikes in the past tense.

Written by hypoetical (circa 2009)
Featured on the album Mind Mechanics & Piloophaz: Allied Forces EP

Copyright © hypoetical 2016. All rights reserved.