Vinyl Purgatory.

vinyl purgatory

Here’s a tip for you up and coming beatmakers and old souls lost in the grimy seas of vinyl. The past year I’ve been gradually practicing minimalism in everything that I do and was recently challenged by the prospect of moving. My vinyl collection was becoming a dusty monstrosity and it was time to slay the beast from a fat stack to a flapjack.

The pack rat, collector, and nostalgic freak in me tends to want to keep any and every piece of vinyl I’ve bought and owned. Moving to a smaller place forced me to make some harsh decisions. Due to space constraints, I was practically forced to get rid of some wax. Luckily, I had unknowingly prepared myself ahead of time through a method I previously formulated to label the unwanted/questionable records.

So here’s what I did. I reserved a part of my shelf that I equate to a vinyl “purgatory.” It’s a section of my shelf marked off with post-it to divide the “keepers” from the “weepers.” The idea was this: if ever I’d come across something in my collection I wasn’t feeling or couldn’t find any decent samples to play with, I’d place it behind that divider as a “peep this later” section. Up until my move, I’d accumulated over 50 records that were placed in this vinyl purgatory.

When it was time to move, I placed those records in a box and after my gear was set up, I sat down and did some thorough listening to be 100% sure that I could part with those records. I ended up keeping a few that had some nice surprises, but my intuition was mostly on point, majority of the records ended up being garbage (or another man’s treasure).

If you find yourself owning more vinyl than you can handle, try this out. More often than not, there are some wack records in your collection that probably don’t deserve to be on that shelf.