The process of “The Process”

A few days ago I released a short film I created titled “The Process” which is a small glimpse into the way I create beats and the various tools I use. Through sound and imagery I hoped to express the “essence” of beatmaking rather than detail every step involved. I figured there were enough well-done tutorials out there that accomplished that task so I thought it’d be interesting to create something less explanatory and more open to interpretation. I wanted to capture some of the less glamorized details that tend to go unnoticed when a hip hop instrumental is born.

This film was lightly scripted and based on an actual beat I’d created previously. My original idea was to create a purely visual film with well thought out shots of the various gear I use without the sound to accompany it. But as I began to storyboard the shots out, I thought it’d be nice to add a little “story” using the various sound bites of beatmaking and adding a human element to the film.

To realize my vision, I had to recall the entire process of creating this specific beat and capture those moments in both audio and visual form. In doing so, I outlined on paper the sounds, the experimentation, the images, and emotions I experience when working with this art form.

What resulted was this video.