Some year-end lyrics: “American Made”

On a mattress on the sidewalk
lives a man dressed in high tops
who writes in white chalk,
to spite the rise of the “blind bots.”

Don’t call him homeless,
he’s a man of the streets
who panhandles to eat canned beans
and brand-factory meats.

Perfectly happy lacking cash and material wealth,
he laughs to himself as the masses
act so into themselves….

He chose to forfeit
a 401k and a mortgage,
a fortune-5, fine dining,
and portraits of horses.

A victim of the rat race,
that left him flat-faced
in need of a tax break,
ended up trapped in the fastlane.

A need for more wore him
like a tiresome chore,
societal norms
tore at his core and defined his discourse.

To the pavement he stay,
his caveman ways an escape,
no wages and pay,
a disgrace to the American way.

From the shackles of the dollar
he found freedom in squalor
and authored the tale of a
white-collared modern martyr.

(Title of track TBA. To appear on Memphis Reigns’ upcoming EP)