Seasons greed-ings from the Mind Mechanics!

happy freakin' holidays.

Play Mind Mechanics' Holiday '09 Track

Memphis Reigns and I put together a track for the NBT holiday podcast that we’d like to share with everyone. It’s based off the “Xmas in Hollis” beat by Run DMC. Instead of keepin’ it cheesy like most holiday songs, we added our own little Mind Mechanics twist to it. Memph plays the role of a Grinch-type of character while I take the morally high ground. We had fun with this quick one. Enjoy, and have a dope holiday season and happy new year. 2010 is gonna be off the hook! Lyrics are posted below.

Memphis Reigns:
dear mister fatman
dressed in the red suit
heres the list of things that I want you to bring for me
one atari and one toy ferrari
insurance is a bitch, so I wont ask for a real one
you…better recognize…bitch don’t diss us
or Ima show you how this grinch….stole christmas
plus Ima never let christmas miss us
broke as hell, Ima steal from the rich…
and give to myself….no coal in this stocking
I gotta bunch of coupons…too cheap when Im shoppin
trampled to death…if you don’t let me get mine
this is black friday…of 2 double oh nine
red light specials, like rudolph’sss nose piece
word to my moms, peace and im outty

it’s about that time of year,
a little frosty by the ears
need a trenchcoat, and a parka, and that holiday cheer,
but folks aint actin nice,
too damn busy rushin to sears
gotta buy this and that
this knick and knack,
and this right herre
enjoy what you got,
your fam, friends, and company
bust out the bubbly,
time to get a little bit cuddly,
no need to to make it uggly
when push comes to shove
give your woman, man, child and hermaphrodite a hug
show a stranger love, maybe volunteer some time,
give the next man a dime
that woman, your spot in the line
dudes commitin’ crimes
during this time? preposterous
costco and cost plus
killin’ my wallet, *ishhht*
no need to give gifts,
just show em that you care,
pink slip, yo i’m there
obama stimulus, where?!
from hypo to you
happy freakin’ holidays,
from the mind mechanics crew
be safe, peace! and procreate.