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Official Video for Mike Gaoʻs “Let You Know”

Around December 2012, Mike Gao and I had talked about a possible collaboration to coincide with his release of Beat World Peace. Unfortunately things didnʻt pan out early on but we reconnected and I was finally able to put something together. Mike provided some footage from his old VHS collection and I took the liberty of tweaking it. What came about was this visual insanity.

Recap: Live Visual Works Show

This is a quick video recap of my live visual show for Lana Lane Studios at Honolulu Night Market. Thanks to everyone involved and for all the support.

Live Visuals with Oliver Twist

This is a 20-minute segment of my live performance for Lana Lane Studios. The music selection from DJs Oliver Twist and Vezzen were on point that night and inspired me to flow visually with their vibes. All visuals I mixed live were original creations.

Visuals Featured at Honolulu Night Market

On Saturday 3/16/13 for the monthly Honolulu Night Market, I am Lana Lane Studios’ featured artist. I’ll be showcasing some of the visuals and 2D/3D animations I’ve created by projecting live to music supplied by local legends Vezzen and Oliver Twist. If you happen to be in the area, stop by and come chill out to some atmospheric music and trippy visions. I’m grateful for all the support.

hypoetical live show

Lightsleepers Holiday Compilation

To help out our folks on the east coast, we put together a holiday beat compilation (with one vocal track). All proceeds will go to hurricane Sandy victims. Thanks for your support y’all and happy holidays.

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