Narrow Minded.

Blissful ignorance
imprints fistful impotence.
breeds simple minded simpletons.

In to win the insulin
of influence,
no coincidence,
instantaneous permissiveness.

Pessimist turned pacifist,
activists in passiveness
collapse amidst synaptic-less
distractive acts of masochists.

Crack the whip‚
on path to affluence,
fat cat flatulence
waft past the rats and pests.

The last defense,
the pad and pen to act against
implanted in the abdomen and minds of men.

quick witted action plan,
dampen demand and supply the mass
with tasks at hand.

The past is tense,
live the now to pass the test,
stand against resistance and persist
amidst in-animates.

Non combatant wit,
with mind mechanic grit,
destroying labyrinths
of the status quo inhabitants.