Swing Shift

Album Background

Swing Shift is a metaphor for those offbeat times when music gets worked on. This album is a collection of beats created during moments outside of the normal routine, when the primitive urges to survive and provide are put aside for the pleasure of sonic construction.

These tracks were crafted on various platforms and hardware. Sampled, processed, programmed, and played for the love of looping sounds that can fuel a cypher.

Also available courtesy of Dusted Wax Kingdom.

Track Listing

1. emotional truths
2. 17 year old angst
3. sky gazer
4. end game
5. after the rain
6. focused kill
7. obliteration
8. en flux


All tracks produced, arranged, and mixed by hypoetical 2012-2014.
Mastered by VPD of Dusted Wax Kingdom.
Crafted with aloha in Oahu, Hawaii.
Cover sketch by Dennis Carbonell
Dusted Wax Kingdom, 2015.

Copyright © hypoetical 2016. All rights reserved.