Album Background

This beat album was many years in the making. It’s the by-product of everything I learned when I started crafting beats in ’98: looping samples in a wave editor, recording some crappy generic synths with a PC and MIDI keyboard, using stock Fruity Loops drum sounds to formulate quantized drum patterns, and eventually mastering Sonic Foundry’s Acid Pro – the exact tool I was looking for as a loop happy instrumentalist.

At the end of the first Mind Mechanics album, I wanted to compile some of the beats I created for that project and fill an entire CD with new material that folks could freestyle, ride, or record to. So during the cold winter of 2001 with a terrible flu and my busted portable Panasonic turntable in hand, I raided the dusty bins of local record shops and thrift stores. Pendulum is the result of my findings and delirium.

This album was made with a PC (Windows ’95 at the time!), Technics SL-1210MK2s, and a gang of records. The software I used was a mix of Sonic Foundry Acid and Fruity Loops (aka FL Studio). I’ve since moved on from that setup to hardware samplers, but it taught me everything I needed to know to move my sound forward.

This is a re-mastered version (2010) of pendulum engineered by VPD of Dusted Wax Kingdom.

Also available courtesy of Dusted Wax Kingdom

Track Listing

1. nineteen ninety seven.
2. the war within.
3. lazy summer.
4. a turntable and a koto record.
5. irrational times.
6. escaping vices.
7. tainted euphoria.
8. lucid dreaming.
9. my only way out.
10. sea of faces.
11. flow job.
12. situational concept.
13. decomposition.
14. reminds me of dennis.
15. galactic freestyle fuel.
16. staring at my eyelids.
17. devious seduction.
18. subsolitude.
19. from dust to dawn.
20. this is my world.
21. elevator music.


All tracks produced, arranged, and mixed by hypoetical (2000-2001) in San Jose, CA.

Copyright © hypoetical 2016. All rights reserved.