Learning to Draw

Album Background

The quest to understand how the greats of the 90s crafted such raw, knockin’, and in some cases minimal beats spawned the creation of this album. Despite having developed my own methods to crank out beats using PC software and vinyl, I felt the beatmaking experience was incomplete without having actually done it the traditional hardware-based way.

Learning to Draw is a selection of beats I created during this time of evolution. An entirely different approach to making beats than what I was used to. Everything from the chops to the drum patterns were played by hand, sequenced, and recorded on sampling hardware.

The tracks were put together using a combination of the E-MU SP1200 (mainly for drums), Akai MPC 2500, Zoom Sampletrak, and a Technics 1210MK2. The beat titled “meditation” was featured in my short film, The Process.

Also available courtesy of Dusted Wax Kingdom.

Track Listing

1. every day is friday
2. meditation
3. sando at tsinelas
4. cranial combustion
5. in the moment
6. mathematical existence
7. embrace the chaos


All tracks produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by hypoetical (2009-2011). Made with love in San Jose, California. Mastered with care in Oahu, Hawaii. Dusted Wax Kingdom, 2011.

Copyright © hypoetical 2016. All rights reserved.