Impotent Mindfuck

Album Background

Impotent Mindfuck came about after nearly 3 years of open mics, college performances, and bedroom freestyles. Prior to this album, Memphis Reigns and I had accumulated nearly 20 tracks of “practice” material that would be the foundation for our first “real” album. What started out as something we did to take the edge off the education system eventually became an obsession. Once the props started coming, it only felt natural to take the next step.

At around the same time, my beatmaking skills had improved and the quality resembled that of something you’d find for sale slanged outta someone’s backpack at a hip hop show. Without musical training, I taught myself the art of sampling loops and chopping up drum breaks. The beats were Memph-approved and the talks of a collaboration album eventually turned into action.

Using cheap, minimal, equipment in a makeshift studio that used stacked books as a mic stand, along with a voracious appetite to flip tongue twisted rhymes, we cranked out this album within a span of a few months.

Track Listing

1. Japanese Nipple Execution
2. Cerebral Pressure
3. Welcome To My World
4. Bladder Calisthenics
5. Til Death Do Us Part
6. Intersections
7. Footprints
8. Ten Things I Hate About You
9. Born and Deranged
10. Mind Mechanics
11. Nipple Beat
12. Cerebral Beat
13. Welcome To My Beat
14. Bladder Beat
15. Til Death Do Us Beat
16. Intersections Beat
17. Footprints Beat
18. Ten Things Beat
19. Deranged Beat
20. Mechanics Beat


Scratches on “Japanese Nipple Execution” done by DJ Ology. Scratches on “Til Death Do Us Part” by hypoetical. Saxophone on “Intersections” performed by Dave E. of the Addict Merchants.

All lyrics written and recited by Memphis Reigns and hypoetical. All beats composed by hypoetical. Engineered and mixed by hypoetical.

Recorded at the 210 Lab in Santa Cruz, California, 2000-2001. Re-mastered by Last Drop Studios S.F., California, 2008.

Copyright © hypoetical 2016. All rights reserved.