Allied Forces EP

Album Background

After a long hiatus from recording together, Memphis Reigns and I needed some tracks to get the r’s rolling and the p’s poppin’ again. When Piloophaz of Skyzominus approached us with his amazing production, we couldn’t help but jump on his beats and get some verses down. This side project began with the idea to only record a few singles but eventually spawned into a full blown EP because of the amount of material we had to play with.

This project took over 6 months to complete due to some personal setbacks and real-life matters. Lucky for us, the collaborative nature and vibe of the Skyzominus crew made the process feel seamless and we all pushed forward to get it done. In some ways you can say this project is a stop gap before the next Mind Mechanics album and a way for us to get warmed up for the bigger task at hand: a second LP.

Track Listing

1. Man Behind the Mirror (Mind Mechanics)
2. Circle of Life (Memphis Reigns & Piloophaz)
3. Armageddon (hypoetical)
4. Clouds of Smoke (Mind Mechanics, Piloophaz, Smimooz & DJ Olegg)
5. Saoul Music (Piloophaz)
6. 5 Minutes to Midnight (Mind Mechanics)


All cuts by DJ O’legg
Mixed & Mastered by hypoetical 2008-2009
Beats by Piloophaz for Skyzominus Productions 2008
Cover artwork by Dan Jumanan

Copyright © hypoetical 2016. All rights reserved.