This music is my contribution to hiphop and contains albums and/or tracks I’ve created or been featured on. All downloads are free and contain high resolution digital album art and liner notes.

Swing Shift

Swing Shift (2012-2014)
These beats were crafted during glitches in the routine. Musical moments captured in between the ritual of survival. Despite the innate urge to be a responsible adult, there are moments when you have to say “fuck it” and just do what you feel. Swing Shift came to be because the beatmaker in me wouldn’t stay dormant. It’s my cure for normalcy.

Learning to Draw (2010-2011)
A selection of beats created during a time of reinvention and discovery. In order to understand the methods of those who came before me, I dug deeper into the roots of the beatmaking craft and used the same analog tools that produced some of the greatest hip hop ever. Part experiment, part education, Learning to Draw is an evolving of my sound.

Mind Mechanics & Piloophaz: Allied Forces EP (2008-2009)
This is the first collaboration album between Mind Mechanics (Memphis Reigns & hypoetical) and the Skyzominus crew based out of France. Piloophaz, beatmaker and emcee extraordinaire, provided the soundscape for us to tell stories in rhyme form. Its a cross-culture fusion of French poetics and American musings.

Pendulum (2000-2001)
Pendulum is a collection of beats/instrumentals I created between 2000 and 2001. This album sparked my passion for diggin’ in the crates and producing beats. I must have learned more about making hip hop music during this period of time than I ever have. I truly consider it my first born.

Mind Mechanics: Impotent Mindfuck (2000-2001)
Mind Mechanics is the collaboration between myself and Memphis Reigns. We met in college with the same love for hip hop. After many freestyles & amateur recordings later, we had enough confidence to create this album. It’s a reflection of those times and the fruit of our labor after building our skills for a few years. This was my debut as a hip hop producer.

A collection of tracks from various periods of time that never came out on a specific album. Some of these works spawned from random beatmaking sessions or collaborations without a specific goal in mind. Purely spontaneous, purely for the love.

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