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Mike Gao – Let you Know from Beta World Peace

I had the honor of collaborating with Mike Gao to create the official music video for “Let You Know” off his album Beta World Peace. This is what came of that collabo.

The Visual Works of hypoetical / March 16th, 2013 / Lana Lane Studios

As a resident of Lana Lane Studios, Honolulu I was asked to feature my visual works for Honolulu Night Market @ Kaka`ako. This is a video recap of the event.

Live Visual Set with Oliver Twist @ Lana Lane Studios.

A 20-minute segment of my live visual set at Lana Lane Studios for Honolulu Night Market @ Kaka`ako.

Shigeto & Dabrye in Honolulu.

A video flyer in collaboration with Annie Nguyen (print flyer design) and Spells to welcome Ghostly Internationalʻs own Shigeto & Dabrye and fans to their first Honolulu show.

Live Visual Timelapse for Tokimonsta.

My 4+ hour live visual set for Tokimonstaʻs first Honolulu performance mashed into 3 minutes.

Onra in Honolulu.

A motion flyer for French beatmaker/funk technician Onraʻs performance in Honolulu, Hawaii.

hypoetical 3d logo.

The hypoetical logo animated and modeled in 3D.

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