Dusted Wax Kingdom

I am ecstatic to announce I have joined the roster one of the freshest, grimiest, low-tech net labels to ever grace the internet, Dusted Wax Kingdom. DWK is a collective of artists around the world creating and releasing quality sample-based lo-fi beats/music free for anyone to listen to. I highly recommend checking out the music on the site, my mind has been blown on numerous occasions by the quality of artists on the label.

As stated on their site intro:

We are an online label based in Varna (Bulgaria) and promote talented artists from all over the world, producing blunted downtempo beats, abstract hip-hop, trip-hop, lo-fi and all kinds of intelligent chilled grooves spiced with jazzy and soulful tasty ingredients. Our music is released in mp3 format only and everything is free to listen, free to download and free to use in a non-commercial way under the terms of Creative Commons. Mostly we are looking for that old school sound from the young golden years of sample based music.

Everything that DWK stands for is what I believe in. I wanted to be part of a collective of artists I could relate to who are not only progressing the art form non-commercially but keeping the art of sampling alive. Music can be streamed online or downloaded as MP3 albums at the Dusted Wax Kingdom website.

I look forward to having my future projects featured on DWK.