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Narrow Minded.

Blissful ignorance
imprints fistful impotence.
breeds simple minded simpletons.

In to win the insulin
of influence,
no coincidence,
instantaneous permissiveness.

Pessimist turned pacifist,
activists in passiveness
collapse amidst synaptic-less
distractive acts of masochists. » Continue reading…

Some year-end lyrics: “American Made”

On a mattress on the sidewalk
lives a man dressed in high tops
who writes in white chalk,
to spite the rise of the “blind bots.”

Don’t call him homeless,
he’s a man of the streets
who panhandles to eat canned beans
and brand-factory meats.

Perfectly happy lacking cash and material wealth,
he laughs to himself as the masses
act so into themselves…. » Continue reading…

Seasons greed-ings from the Mind Mechanics!

happy freakin' holidays.

Play Mind Mechanics' Holiday '09 Track

Memphis Reigns and I put together a track for the NBT holiday podcast that we’d like to share with everyone. It’s based off the “Xmas in Hollis” beat by Run DMC. Instead of keepin’ it cheesy like most holiday songs, we added our own little Mind Mechanics twist to it. Memph plays the role of a Grinch-type of character while I take the morally high ground. We had fun with this quick one. Enjoy, and have a dope holiday season and happy new year. 2010 is gonna be off the hook! Lyrics are posted below. » Continue reading…

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