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Unreleased on bandcamp.

Just a quick heads up, in addition to the unreleased beats you can download from this site, I’ve also uploaded those same tracks to my bandcamp site. Now you can preview/stream the tracks and download at will. For free of course. Enjoy and have a beastly Thanksgiving.


I finished creating a font based on my tagging style I call “hypografic.” I used helvetica as a base and personally stylized each letter to create a simple, elegant, graffiti character set. The font is mac & pc compatible and can be used in practically any application. I’ve limited the type to capital letters but do have plans to release some variations or entirely new concepts in the near future. Enjoy. » Continue reading…

Dusted Wax Kingdom

I am ecstatic to announce I have joined the roster one of the freshest, grimiest, low-tech net labels to ever grace the internet, Dusted Wax Kingdom. DWK is a collective of artists around the world creating and releasing quality sample-based lo-fi beats/music free for anyone to listen to. I highly recommend checking out the music on the site, my mind has been blown on numerous occasions by the quality of artists on the label. » Continue reading…

Mind Mechanics Holiday ’09 Drive Video.

To give a little back for the holidays, Memphis Reigns and I sold a limited run of our CDs and used the proceeds to buy some turkeys and hams for folks in need. We filmed our excursion and I put together a short video showing how the day went. This should give you a little peek into our lives and some of the sights of my hometown, San Jose. Hope you enjoy it and many thanks to all the fans & supporters who were kind enough to help the cause.

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