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Learning to draw.

learning to draw

Rather than receive gifts on my birthday, I thought I’d give one. This right here is my latest musical creation, “Learning to Draw.” It’s an album comprised of select analog beats, my entire process and craft re-imagined on hardware that the great ones before me have used.

As always, it’s free to download here, as well as bandcamp and Dusted Wax Kingdom. Please spread the love! Thanks again for following/listening/keeping tabs on my work. There is no greater reward than the love and support of those who appreciate what I do.

Keep it true y’all.

Dusted Wax Kingdom

I am ecstatic to announce I have joined the roster one of the freshest, grimiest, low-tech net labels to ever grace the internet, Dusted Wax Kingdom. DWK is a collective of artists around the world creating and releasing quality sample-based lo-fi beats/music free for anyone to listen to. I highly recommend checking out the music on the site, my mind has been blown on numerous occasions by the quality of artists on the label. » Continue reading…

The process of “The Process”

A few days ago I released a short film I created titled “The Process” which is a small glimpse into the way I create beats and the various tools I use. Through sound and imagery I hoped to express the “essence” of beatmaking rather than detail every step involved. I figured there were enough well-done tutorials out there that accomplished that task so I thought it’d be interesting to create something less explanatory and more open to interpretation. I wanted to capture some of the less glamorized details that tend to go unnoticed when a hip hop instrumental is born. » Continue reading…

A new Mind Mechanics beat.

The Light (Instrumental)

To those who’ve been anticipating the sequel to the first Mind Mechanics album and continue to patiently wait for it, you’re all true soldiers. Both Memph and I do appreciate all the support and love we continue to receive so I wanted to whet the appetite a bit and release one of the beats I made off the upcoming album. Take a listen above (hit the play button). Hope you enjoy it, there’s definitely more to come. Keep the faith alive.

Beat practice: “012010” an iPhone beat.

<a href="http://hypoetical.bandcamp.com/track/012010">012010 by hypoetical</a>

Aloha from the 808-state! I’m currently on week 2 of my vacation in Hawaii and was finally able to get in some beat practice last week. Equipped with only my iPhone, portable turntable, and laptop, I put together a simple beat using some vinyl I dug up at a local record shop. You can stream it above or download the track from my bandcamp site. » Continue reading…

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