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Live Visuals with Oliver Twist

This is a 20-minute segment of my live performance for Lana Lane Studios. The music selection from DJs Oliver Twist and Vezzen were on point that night and inspired me to flow visually with their vibes. All visuals I mixed live were original creations.

Shigeto & Dabrye Video Flyer

I’ve had the honor of collaborating with Spells on yet another original video flyer. This one is for two of Ghostly International’s dopest beatmakers, Dabry and Shigeto. They will be performing in Honolulu come Mid November so if you’re in the area, come and check these dudes out.

Live Visuals Timelapse

I was given the opportunity to perform a live visual set for Tokimonstaʻs first Honolulu performance. This is a 3-minute video timelapse of 5 hours worth of live triggering, beatmatching, video mixing, and effects tweaking. Itʻs also about 2 months of art work crafted from scratch – random visions, concepts, and spontaneous experiments.

Onra Video Flyer

Another motion design piece I did for Spells to help promote Onra’s show coming to Honolulu in August. For those not in the know, Onra is a French beatmaker that performs live on the MPC. Much of his music is an eclectic mix of sample based funk, soul, jazz, and hip hop. Definitely refreshing if you just wanna get down and vibe out.

3D Logo.

Been spending a lot of time learning 3D animation and modeling as of late. Here’s a little sample of the kinds of things I’ve been doing with the medium. Lots of stuff I haven’t shared yet which I will be unveiling soon, but a taste nonetheless.

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