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well.being “Take It Back” Music Video

Copped my first Hawaii underground hiphop tape, Narcoleptic Symposium back in ’99 or ’00 and kept that thing on rotation for at least a month. 13 years later I’m living in the 50th state and working with some of the same dudes that I used to bump in my walkman. Here’s my first music video as an 808 resident for a track off my friend well.being’s new album called “Take It Back.” It was an honor directing a video like this that pays homage to local spots of old.

Beatroot 2013 Producer Profiles


I was again honored to create video profiles for the Beatroot 2013 Grand Championships finalists. All 6 producers battled hard with styles unique to each of them, making for an event full of energy and hard hitting beats. Congrats to Mr. Carmack for taking the 2013 title.

Cukui Presents Kamea Hadar “Face Value”

In collaboration with San Jose based label Cukui, I had the opportunity to create a video for local painter/artist Kamea Hadar (Co-lead Director of Pow Wow Hawaii) to highlight aspects of his work.

Official Video for Mike Gaoʻs “Let You Know”

Around December 2012, Mike Gao and I had talked about a possible collaboration to coincide with his release of Beat World Peace. Unfortunately things didnʻt pan out early on but we reconnected and I was finally able to put something together. Mike provided some footage from his old VHS collection and I took the liberty of tweaking it. What came about was this visual insanity.

Recap: Live Visual Works Show

This is a quick video recap of my live visual show for Lana Lane Studios at Honolulu Night Market. Thanks to everyone involved and for all the support.

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