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Yesterday’s Heroes Art Show


I, along with some extremely talented artists from the 808 will be showing our works on November 29th, 2014 at About the Goods in Honolulu. I will be showing my animations and performing live visuals alongside Oliver Twist who will be providing the audio backdrop for the show. If you’re in the area, come and check us out, lots of great art will be on display that night.

Contributor for UGHH Blog

Been long time friends with the owners of UGHH blog and I’ve joined the ranks as an author & contributor. I’ll be posting some of the music I’ve been interested in recently and expose some of the hidden talents in my area and worldwide.

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Interview with Contrast Magazine

hypoetical on contrast

I was recently interviewed by Contrast Magazine after the release of a music video I worked on, 2000 Seasons. Contrast contributor Riana Stellburg asks several questions regarding my past and present as a live visuals projectionist and I talk about some of my inspirations and upcoming plans.

Visuals Featured at Honolulu Night Market

On Saturday 3/16/13 for the monthly Honolulu Night Market, I am Lana Lane Studios’ featured artist. I’ll be showcasing some of the visuals and 2D/3D animations I’ve created by projecting live to music supplied by local legends Vezzen and Oliver Twist. If you happen to be in the area, stop by and come chill out to some atmospheric music and trippy visions. I’m grateful for all the support.

hypoetical live show

Learning to draw.

learning to draw

Rather than receive gifts on my birthday, I thought I’d give one. This right here is my latest musical creation, “Learning to Draw.” It’s an album comprised of select analog beats, my entire process and craft re-imagined on hardware that the great ones before me have used.

As always, it’s free to download here, as well as bandcamp and Dusted Wax Kingdom. Please spread the love! Thanks again for following/listening/keeping tabs on my work. There is no greater reward than the love and support of those who appreciate what I do.

Keep it true y’all.

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