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Wooden Temple

Wooden Temple is the latest release from one of my good friends and collaborators, Vezzen. 6 tracks of lo-fi ambient mood altering goodness for your eardrums. Released by Space & Sound collective, and available in cassette tape format (limited quantities).

Contributor for UGHH Blog

Been long time friends with the owners of UGHH blog and I’ve joined the ranks as an author & contributor. I’ll be posting some of the music I’ve been interested in recently and expose some of the hidden talents in my area and worldwide.

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Bring that Beat Back

A while back I stumbled on one of the dopest finds on the internet, an underground hip hop blog dedicated to the music of the early 90s/2000s. “Bring that Beat Back” is a site that posts some extremely rare hip hop music, a selection of dusty tracks slanged outta backpacks via tape or burnt CD. The site resonates with my core because a lot of the music posted is what’s in my personal library – tracks I grew up bumpin’ in a walkman of all devices.

For all you hip hop connoisseurs, I highly recommend visiting and copping some of the posted music if you don’t have it. Chances are it’s a lot doper than what you’re currently listening to, especially if you were born in the 90s. Much respect to the heads running the site for keeping some timeless music alive and discoverable. I’ve added a link to my “Fresh Sites” listing on the sidebar.

A Beatroot History with Kavet the Catalyst

I had the honor of spending some time with Kavet the Catalyst to talk about his past as a beatmaker and what inspired him to create Hawaii’s first beat battle, Beatroot.

Kavet and I go way back, we listened to the same underground hip hop tapes back in the late 90s/early 2000s and I had sent him my first beat album, Pendulum while he was the host of the legendary Lightsleepers show on KTUH. When I moved out to the 808 state, he was the first cat I contacted, and the rest is history.

Reverse Depatterning.

Another visual design inspired by the music of Vezzen and Abomination Oner. Support dope beats and the artists that make them.

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