Beat practice 2010.

<a href="">010510 by hypoetical</a>

So I was sitting at the MPC last night constructing some new drum kits and ended up straying off by bangin’ out live drum patterns. As I was doing so, I threw on a record to see if I could find something to sample for the sake of beat practice. I did, and proceeded with the chopping. Within an hour or so I had a groove goin’ with no plan of fleshing out the piece into a full beat. This got me wondering if it would be useful to post some of these work-in-progress/practice beats I come up with on the spot.

Hell, why not. I’ve decided to begin compiling these practice beats in all their raw, unfinished, no-shame glory. Two reasons, I want to give a taste of my creative glitches–a lot of this stuff gets buried, never to be heard. Second, I want to shed light on the rawness of beatmaking. Sometimes not everything hits with perfect timing, there’s gaps in the melody, all sounds are at full velocity, and a lot of times it just sounds sonically off. Nonetheless, it’s an exercise I go through for both fun and developmental purposes.

I’ll begin posting these beats here and on my bandcamp site. Enjoy, and if by chance you or your crew find any of these beats worth using on a project as-is, let me know and we can work something out. I’d love to hear some flows on these tracks. Shoutout to my twitter folk for indirectly providing the fuel for me to start this small project. Been listening to Doom’s Special Herbs compilation a lot lately which may have added to the flavor of this one. Peace and no end in 20-10. Stay tuned.