This site was established from a passion for creating works using my favorite mediums – video, beats, imagery, and writings. It also serves as the home to my recent and past works.

Who are you?

My name is Adriel aka hypoetical, born July 21st in San Jose, California. Currently residing on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I write, make beats, create experimental films & animations, and perform live visuals.

My works fuel my life and give it meaning, so my creative experiments are both an outlet and a contribution to the cultures I’m influenced by.

My Work

At a young age I had access to a video camera, computer, piano, and vinyl records. During my school years I got deep into creative writing and making beats. Amidst an obsession with hip hop art, music, and technology, a strong love for manipulating video and imagery was born.

My collaborators are worldwide, I’ve released 5 albums, performed live visuals for some renown musicians and I’ve created video and still imagery for artists of all disciplines. My commercial work spans various industries and labels. I am a founder and live visual artist of DocOptic and a contributor to undergroundhiphopblog.com.

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