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Dope Sh*t

Sometimes there’s nothing left to do on a Saturday night. So you sit back and try to make…

Swing Shift Physical Release

swing shift tape

I’ve teamed up with the homies at Space & Sound for a very limited release of Swing Shift on tape. It comes with an exclusive track, “Disconnect to Reconnect” and pre-orders start today, August 26, 2016. It will be officially released tomorrow. We will also be carrying a few copies at the Lightsleepers store in Honolulu, so you can purchase locally as well. Thanks for your support!

Vezzen “Hit the Deck”

This here is the latest visual by yours truly for Vezzen’s track “Hit the Deck” off his Galactus Slaps album. This music video is the combination of live visual improvisation and post-production to create the lo-fi vibe.

Swing Shift

It’s finally here. My latest beat album, Swing Shift. Not much else to say other than thank you all for lending an ear and supporting the music throughout the years. Enjoy, spread the love, and freestyle your ass off.

Wooden Temple

Wooden Temple is the latest release from one of my good friends and collaborators, Vezzen. 6 tracks of lo-fi ambient mood altering goodness for your eardrums. Released by Space & Sound collective, and available in cassette tape format (limited quantities).

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